MedTech RCM Solutions Inc

MedTech RCM Solutions Inc. is a leading player in the healthcare technology sector. Our primary goal is to facilitate the revenue cycle for healthcare providers across the USA. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including advanced medical billing, coding, and credentialing solutions.

Who We Are!

We at MedTech RCM Solutions Inc have dedicated team of healthcare revenue management experts committed to simplifying and optimizing the financial aspects of your medical practice or healthcare organization.

Our Services

Medical Billing

Accurate Charge Entry: We meticulously capture and enter all charges associated with your patient visits, procedures, and services.

Claims Submission

We submit claims to insurance companies promptly and accurately to expedite reimbursement.

Denial Management

Our experts actively manage claim denials, identifying root causes and resolving issues to maximize your revenue.

Medical Billing

Medical Coding

Credentialing Services

Revenue Cycle Management

Accounts Receivable Management

Comprehensive Reporting

Patient Billing and Support


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Other Services

Eligibility Verification
Charge Entry
Clean Claim Submission
Payment Posting
Dedicated Follow up
Claims correction
Rejections and Denials Management
Patient Statements
Monthly Reports

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